Sharing knowledge and experience through coaching

Employers often approach training as a static event. At Luck Companies, we have a bigger vision. For us, learning is a process, not a single event. We believe it has to be personal, strategic and measurable. Through our Technical Training Program, we are empowering associates to help develop rising leaders.

Matt Schiefer

“We’re proud to be able to offer tools, technology and equipment, but what means the most to us is when we see our associates sharing their experience with each other, helping each other be the best they can be.”

Scott Luberto
Technical Training Manager,
Luck Stone
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We have an incredible gift in our hometown of Richmond in Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Founded in 1838, VCU is a premier urban, public research university with a mission to advance knowledge and student success through its many nationally ranked academic programs.

With a passion for the arts, environmental stewardship, and our community, the Luck Companies Foundation and the Luck Family have made a positive impact on various organizations associated with Virginia Commonwealth University, including the Institute for Contemporary Art, the Rice Rivers Center and the Massey Cancer Center.

Mark Williams

“Our vested interest in supporting the growth and progress of VCU enables us to make a long-term, positive impact in the city where Luck Companies was first established back in 1923.”

Doug Palmore
Senior Vice President of Customer and Technical Services,
Luck Stone
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2018 Successes

Born out of Luck Companies, and founded by Charlie Luck IV in 2015, InnerWill is a 501 c3 nonprofit dedicated to creating better people, braver leaders and a wiser world through the practice of Values Based Leadership.

2018 Innerwill Successes Infographic

How Luck Companies Gave Back in 2018

A Letter from Charlie Luck IV

As I reflect on the phenomenal year we experienced in 2018 and all of the diligent and purposeful work that’s led us here, I’m inspired by the people who have chosen to work with us — our associates, our customers, our industry partners and our communities.

My grandfather, Charles Luck Jr., who founded our company in 1923, is remembered for having said, “If you take care of your people, they will take care of you.” My father, Charles Luck III, who led the organization for the next 40+ years, translated that commitment to people into the company motto, “We care.” Today, we are propelling their collective vision by living out our people-focused mission to ignite human potential through Values Based Leadership and positively impact the lives of others around the world.

With nearly 100 years of history, 800 empowered associates, 28 locations and three generations of Luck Family leadership, we recognize that our opportunity to make a positive impact is all around us. From the depths of our quarries to the walkways of our offices, we create an environment that helps our associates grow, lead and exceed their wildest dreams. Because at Luck Companies, people are our purpose.

This heartfelt dedication to people is woven into all that our associates do — inside and outside of our organization. We are driven to contribute, to partner, to innovate and to redefine what’s possible for our communities, our industry and our world.

To the people and partners of Luck Companies; to our customers and communities — new and longstanding; thank you for your trust and belief in us. We look forward to generating a positive and enduring impact through our work together.

Our Mission
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